Rationalizing the rats


Mrs. Parks, Jessie Balka (11) and Nina Zochalski (11) all discuss the internal structure of the rat. Students in Honors Anatomy participated in the lab.

Radosav Mihajlovic, Author

Unusual science experiments are often performed at Lake Central, and on Friday, Sept. 17, the Honors Anatomy classes conducted a dissection lab of rats. The classes of Mrs. Parks, Science, each performed detailed experiments. The lab was used to compare the anatomy of a rat to the anatomy of a human.

“[They] have to be able to observe internal structures and identify them. The rats are used in order to get an idea of the [human] structure,” Parks said.

Some students found the experiment to be worthwhile because of their interest in the way the body works.

“I want to go into medicine, surgery specifically, so I like going through the actual anatomy, and it is cool to see it in real life compared to a textbook,” Joey Grzybek (12) said.

Other students found the rat  to be a little bit harder to look at.

“It is cool to look at, but it makes me kind of sick,” Hailey Benko (11) said.

Grzybek has also dissected a heart and a cow’s eye, but dissecting a rat was a different experience.

“I think a lot of it is, not necessarily desensitizing you, but getting you comfortable seeing something that was living,” Grzybek said.

The experiment gave students a different view of the human anatomy.

“It gives you a perspective. You can always think you [know] what it looks like, but you actually get to see it in person, so when you are learning, you can apply it to the lessons you are doing,” Benko said.