Finding new friends in french club


Ms. Bovard discusses t-shirt designs with the class. The previous French club t-shirt said “Je parle Francais”.

Melicah Rodriguez, Author

Students munched on palmiers and madeleines while learning a little bit of the French culture during Lake Central’s first French Club meeting of the year on Tuesday Sept. 27.

“Right now, we’re just in the organizational stages. We’re going to be electing officers, designing a t-shirt and deciding our schedule of events,” Ms. Beverly Bovard, World Language, said.

Although French Club is just beginning, there are already many events that the club is planning on doing throughout the school year.

“I think watching movies would be cool because that’s a good way to learn and practice the language,” Jillian Downs (11) said.

One of the more well-known activities from French club is making crepes.

“We do that in February or March, depending on when Mardi Gras happens. That’s a really fun day. We all go up to the kitchens to make crepes,” Bovard said.

French Club is a way for students to learn more about the French culture and surround themselves with other students interested in it.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know these people. I hope to gain more friends that are interested in French, which is not very common,” Nadia Magnabosco (12) said.

Students interested in delving into a new language and it’s culture would be making a good decision to join French Club.

“It’s a good place for them to be in community with other people who are studying French, so they get a sense of belonging into that group. There are some educational opportunities associated with it. There will be a chance to experience some of the cultural things that we don’t get a chance to delve into during class. It’s just to have some fun,” Bovard said.