The Other Bowl

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

Some people focus on the Super Bowl, but some LC students are more focused on the Academic Bowl.

The Academic Bowl consists of different academic teams such as English, Science, Social Studies, Math and Fine Arts. Mrs. Maureen Yaeger is the head of Fine Arts team.

“The last Fine Arts team leader resigned. At first I didn’t want to volunteer for the position, but they told me the team wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have a leader,” Yaeger said. “So, I said I’d take the position.”

Yaeger warmed-up to the Fine Arts leader position.

“I like working with kids that are interested in the Fine Arts,” Yaeger said.

The subject for this year’s competition is the American Revolution.

“[I feel like] there will be difficulty with the subject this year,” Yaeger said. “It’s boring, and I don’t think the students will enjoy it too much. Plus, the artists from that era aren’t famous.”

The team regularly meets on Mondays.

“It’s been difficult to have people make the meetings because they’re so involved in other extracurriculars,” Yaeger said.

Nevertheless, LC’s Fine Arts team, after getting enough practice under its belt, will enter the 2012 Academic Bowl and put forth its best efforts.