St. John police officers talk to students in AP Government


The officers from the St. John Police Station pose with the police dog. The program took place during the pathways to excellence class.

Madalyn Kruszewski, Author

On Friday, Sept. 23, some officers from the St. John Police Department visited Lake Central to explain to AP Government students about what it is like to be a police officer in today’s society. Mr. Josh Clark, Social Studies, organized the event, which focused on shootings, search warrants and drug use.

“Honestly, it wasn’t very difficult to get in contact with the police officers,” Mr. Clark said.

The officers talked to students about police dogs, and demonstrated what their dog could do. The officers have taught the dogs how to attack when he needs to and where. They are also trained to sniff out drugs, but during the demonstration, the dog did not find any, and it remained calm.

Students had many questions about search warrants, drugs, the search dog and school shootings. The officers were happy and willing to answer everyone’s questions. One of the main topics of the visit was the difference between school rules and the real world rules.

Mr. Tim Powers, Assistant Principal, explained what the school can and cannot do. For example, a police officer cannot go through a students bookbag or locker without the student’s permission or a court-issued search warrant, but the school staff and administration can if they have a need to.

“We would most certainly come back next year to talk to the students. We enjoy talking to everyone,” Officer Adams said.