Practice what you peach


Emily Badger (12), Adam Kharchaf (12), Zachary Hansen (12), Alexander Vrbanoff (11), Ben Morris (11) and Olivia Throckmartin (11) rehearse the first scene of the play. The first show is scheduled to be held on Oct. 25 for the elementary schools and the first one for the general public is Nov. 5.

Tori Wilkes

With the fall play, James and the Giant Peach, inching closer and closer, the theater department is preparing for their 10 shows at the end of October.

The cast will be performing four shows at Lake Central for the general public, and six of them for the elementary schools, who will be traveling to Lake Central to watch the show.

“I’m looking forward to the show because the elementary students are so excited and eager to be a part of our hard work. Watson sent us snack bags with everything you can think of, and it was really cute and made us realize how excited they were to see it,” Hannah Souronis (12) said.

Because the elementary school students are reading James and the Giant Peach, having the opportunity to bring it to life for them is exciting for the cast.

“I am so excited. The little kids have such a great energy and are much more responsive and a lot more excited about it because it’s so believable to them,” Adam Gustas (12) said.

Showing the students the auditorium can give them an insight to what high school theater is like.

“Our auditorium is really beautiful and state of the art, but I hope it’s not the only thing that interests them. I hope our enthusiasm and our love of theater influences them as well,” Souronis said.

For seniors, the opportunity to hold shows in the new auditorium is bittersweet.

“It honestly hasn’t hit me yet. I never imagined that it would come this quickly. It’s so strange to think that the musical is going to be my last show as a student,” Souronis said.

Despite the stress of the show and it being one of the last shows for the senior cast, they are looking forward to every aspect of the performances.

“Being a senior is really cool and exciting and scary and sad. It’s really exciting to do this show because I’ve been asking to do it since 7th grade. It’s the first big fall show so it’s scary. It’s a big deal because of all the kids reading it. I’ve been doing theater since 6th grade, so I’ve grown up with it, and it’s scary and sad to leave it,” Gustas said.