Through thick and thin, we win


Anthony Minotti (9) gets ready as he waits for a teammate to pass him the ball. The Trojans got a fumble, earning LC possession of the ball for a touchdown.

Kristen Mirabelli

Rain or shine, nothing stopped the freshmen football team from dominating the Chesterton Trojans 23-17. Even with injuries and minor errors, the team still came out on top.

“I think we have played pretty well. This season we have been 5-2. We need to keep our winning streak going and improve our techniques,” Luke Persun (9) said .

Tied at the first quarter, the boys were full of energy and there was a lot of tension as they tried keeping the Trojans from scoring a touchdown. However, the Trojans pushed through and scored a touchdown, taking the lead.

“We deal with all kinds of injuries, and it’s important that the team’s injuries are treated properly. We don’t only focus on our team, but the opponents too. Even though we’ve had a rough season, we keeping pushing forward despite the obstacles that come our way,” Abigail Clapman (10) said.

During the third quarter, the Chesterton quarterback got injured causing a slight delay in the game. Clapman and the other student athletic trainers were called onto the field. The Chesterton quarterback had suffered what they suspected to be a sprain. As the trainers helped the quarterback to the bench, the Indians showed their respect by taking a knee and clapping.

“I think it’s important that a team has good sportsmanship. It reflects on LC and shows that we have respect toward other players,” Persun said.

The boys used great defense, which helped earn them a victory. Come show the team support Thursday as they battle with the Merrillville Pirates.