N-teens Teaches Appreciation

Victoria New and lakecentralnews

LC’s charity club, N-teens, has made its volunteer work as close to home as it gets- giving back to our own teachers.

“[Students in N-teens] ask me how they can help out at school. I wanted to give them opportunities since it’s not easy for everyone to do outside volunteer work,” Mrs. Erin Rawls, N-teens sponsor, said.

At the next club meeting, Rawls mentioned the idea of giving “appreciation” to each teacher, and the plan turned out to be a big hit.

“A committee was formed, and students started researching cute ideas,” Rawls said.

In October, the club gave out candy bags with candy corn and a note declaring “Thanks for helping us harvest our potential.”

After the first gift went well, the club handed out Thanksgiving-themed rubber ducks in November and “holly-Jolly Ranchers” in December.

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the teachers, and the students seem to enjoy putting [the appreciation gifts] together,” Rawls said.

The reinforcement from the teachers and willingness of the students ensures that the appreciation gifts will continue to be presented.

“We don’t have anything specific planned. It’s really up to the students. We have a couple of ideas, but telling would spoil the fun,” Rawls said.