Jazzing it up


Drummer Robert Searight talks to the students. Robert wrote most of the band’s music.

Bianca Matchain, Author

On Monday, Oct. 17, Jazz music combined with hip-hop to create a unique touring band known as Ghost Note.  

After school, a clinic was held in the auditorium, open to curious students who wanted to learn more about music. Not only did the band play a few songs for the students, they interacted with the students and answered questions.

“I like supporting the band, and I came with my friends to have a fun night,” Dean Mysliwiec (10) said.

Two members of Ghost Note are Lake Central alumni, which made this performance special. The band started with the drumming duo of Robert Searight and Nate Werth, but they decided their music would sound better as a band.

“We asked some friends if they would join us, and the rest is history,” Searight said.

The band is very close and spends a great deal of time together touring and making new music. They use their instruments to express a different sound of music and captivate the audience with their harmony.

“They are just a different sound from what you are used to hearing. [Ghost Note] is a mixture of different types of music. They are good at featuring different instruments and taking old sounds to make them new again,” Jake Bailey (10) said.

After the show, the audience had a chance to meet the band members who gave advice to young musicians. Besides touring and receiving many awards, the band likes to stay humble and true to their music.

“The most gratifying thing is to be able to play my music and inspire young people,” Searight said.