Pingpong takes over Freshmen Wing


Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

The Pingpong Club continues to meet every Wednesday in the upper-Freshman Center.
Cameron McCambridge (12)  participates in the club, finding it as an opportunity to build a connection with other students.
“Pingpong Club is a good way to bond with other LC students who are interested in pingpong,” McCambridge said.

Another student, Charles Sayger (12), finds the club a useful way to stay fit.
“The club is a good way to exercise during the winter,” Sayger said.

Melanie Grozdanoska (12) wanted to create the club and asked Mrs. Joan Loden, Mathematics, to sponsor the club. The club sets up tables in the upper-Freshmen center. Nicole Vetroczky (11) is a club member who enjoys the club for numerous reasons.
“It’s something to look forward too. It’s fun and a good way to be with friends,” Vetroczky said.