Pumpkin Painting


Bianca Matchain (10) starts to paint a purple cat on her pumpkin. She was pleased with the outcome of her pumpkin.

Camille Bereolos, Author

Art club meets once a month and shows their artistic skills. There are many students in art club that love to express themselves through art. Art club is a way for students who aren’t in art class to express themselves at school.

“I have always been interested in art since I was little. I wanted to take the art class, but I didn’t have room in my schedule,” Kaylie Katsiris (10) said.

Art club is not only for students who are good at art. It can be for anyone that has an interest in art, or wants to get better at art.

“Art club is for kids who like art to come and explore. You don’t have to be an artist to come, you just have to like art. Each month we are going to do something different,” Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, said.

This month the students in art club decorated pumpkins since Halloween is coming up. The students either did spooky Halloween designs or original designs that they came up with.

“I looked on pinterest, and then I saw the pumpkin dripping technique, and I did whatever I thought looked best,” Jaide Mehok (9) said.

Art club is not just painting or working with three-dimensional objects. The students will learn and perfect many art skills.

“I try to present them with two-dimensional and three-dimensional kinds of things. This time we are just painting pumpkins because kids have always loved that. Next month we will be starting a beaded bracelet,” Mrs. Yaegar said.

Art club is a club that many students are involved in, and new students join every month.

“I want to learn how to do new things and learn more about painting, more than drawing because I learn that stuff easier than painting,” Jaide Mehok (9) said.