Volunteering in holiday spirit


Mrs. Kline reminds members to sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities. Many members have signed up to volunteer for the Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana.

Katelyn Pass

With the holidays right around the corner, Dollars for Scholars held a meeting on Thurs, Oct. 20 to discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities for the holidays.

“There’s volunteering for the Piefer Boo Bash, the Protsman Fun Fair and Down Syndrome Associations of Northwest Indiana,” Hailey Kitchell (11) said.

Members were given specific information about the events and discussed the profits from this year’s homecoming dance that took place on Oct. 1. Dollars for Scholars was in charge of planning and decorating for the dance.

“We learned about volunteer opportunities and how to sign up for them and we also talked about how we dealt with the profits from homecoming which gives opportunities for more scholarships for the seniors,” Grace Rudnick (11) said.

This year, DFS is starting new fundraisers to benefit both them and the school.

“[Dollars for Scholars] is organizing more fundraisers for themselves to provide more money for scholarships and more things for the school to benefit from,” Kitchell said.

The club is meant for students to become more active in their school and community and to recieve possible scholarships.

“I joined because I knew there would be volunteer opportunities and [it is] a good opportunity to get a scholarship,” Kitchell said.