Celebrating the Seniors


Nicholas Lucas (12) walks down the field as his dad points toward him while the fan section chants his last name. Lucas was escorted by his parents during the senior night portion of the game which took place on Oct. 14.

Jessica Cook, Author

On Oct. 14, the varsity football team took on Valparaiso at their last home game of the regular season. Before the game started, all the seniors that were on the team were recognized and were escorted down the field with their family. The seniors felt mixed emotions as they realize the end of their final season is just around the corner.

“It’s a bittersweet feeling. On one side it’s really sad that it’s almost over, but on the other end, it motivates me to put every ounce of fight into this season to make it my best,” Michael Pena (12) said.

Many of the seniors recognized that this would be their final game of high school football.

“After these past few games, it really made me realize my football career was coming to an end. My family has always told me that high school will fly by before you even now it. When the season ends though, I know I gave it everything I had,” Dylan Schwader (12) said.

Some of the seniors reflected on their favorite memories they made during their final season. While some remembered their favorite games, others looked back on how their leadership roles had an impact on the underclassmen.

“My favorite memory is being a leader. I feel like the underclassmen look up to me and they are always asking me questions about the plays and talk to me all the time whether it’s at practice or in the hallways,” Dakota Barnett (12) said.