Falling into fall break


Munoz celebrates her birthday by visiting Niagara Falls. She hoped to go back one day in the near future.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

Fall break gives students the chance to travel . Alexis Munoz (11) spent her fall break in Canada and experienced Niagara Falls.

“Since my birthday landed on fall break, my parents decided to take me to Canada. I really wanted to go there because I wanted to see the Falls. We also wanted to recreate a photo that we took at the Falls when I was little,” Munoz (11) said.

After an eight hour car drive, Munoz crossed the U.S. and Canadian border. Although the weather wasn’t what she was expecting, she was happy to visit one of nature’s wonders. Due to the rain, the Munoz Family changed their plans and went to an arcade. They played laser tag, mini-golf and a mirror maze. They then hoped that the next day would be better for Munoz’s birthday.

“For my birthday, the weather was perfect. We did many attractions. We went underneath the falls, went on the Skylon Tower, went on a walk across the falls, and we were on a boat that took us directly into the falls,” Munoz (11) said.

When crossing the border back into the U.S., Munoz saw the view of the Falls from the American side.

“On the Canadian side, you see a panoramic view of the falls, whereas on the American side, you are on top of the Falls and look at the water flowing downward,” Munoz (11) said.

The Munoz family then went to Buffalo, New York, where they went shopping in the outlet mall. After a couple hours of shopping, they stayed at a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, where they watched the Chicago Cubs versus the Cleveland Indians.

“My 17th birthday is something I will always remember. I loved seeing Niagara and exploring Canada. It was so breathtaking. I hope I can visit somewhere else in the near future,” Munoz (11) said.