Gettin’ techie with it


Caleb Beasley (12) looks at his computer during class. Beasley is one of the two Editor in Chief of Operations in the class.

Austin Sandoval

Once students reach their sophomore year, they have the option of applying to LCTV. The class is run by Myra Lolkema, Art, and student leaders like Cara Scott (12).

“I’m an Editor and Cheif of Operations. Basically, I oversee all the operations of the class and make sure everything’s running smoothly and making sure everyone is on track as far as deadlines go,” Scott said.

LCTV is responsible for Lake Central’s Daily announcements and Tribe TV.

“We have 22 staff members including the editors, and we all break apart into groups and work on separate Tribe TV videos. We also do the announcements and the sports updates,” Scott said.

Drew Testa (11) is in his first year on the LCTV staff.

“I’m a contributor, and I basically just help out with the videos, edit films and do whatever we can to help the editors out,” Testa said.

For students who like film and journalism, LCTV is a beneficial class to apply to.

“I like that you get to do stories and figure out more stuff about the school, and it really gives you a better idea of what’s going on here at LC. You get to see all sides of the school,” Testa said.