The beginning of Winter Formal


Members of N-Teens listen to volunteer opportunities. Opportunities included setting up, planning and organizing Winter Formal.

Madison Mullens

The N-Teens had an important meeting on Nov. 9. Not only did they discuss usual topics, they also discussed an upcoming field trip to Chicago.  

“We talked about an upcoming field trip in Chicago, T-shirts and the food drive [volunteer] opportunities in the community,” Madeline Mahoney (10) said.

After discussing the normal topics of N-Teens, Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, spoke about the most important topic. The club began planning for the 2017 Winter Formal.

“Winter formal is a formal dance open to sophomores through seniors. I think a lot of high schoolers value memories from dances,” Ms. Gabrielle Rapin, Science, said.

Planning has just begun. The club will have many more meetings to plan, create and purchase decorations for the dance.  

“We started out with voting on themes. The one we went with is city of lights. It is the city skyline, night life [and] light up feeling. We will be figuring out exactly how we want to decorate for that in the next couple weeks,” Mrs. Rapin said.

Winter Formal is a much anticipated event by students and teachers alike.

“I like going and seeing all the kids dressed up and having a good time, smiling and giggling.  Getting to have that safe, fun environment where anything can happen [is great],” Mrs. Rapin said.