Students Collect Creativity to Create Rune


Alissa Ludwig and lakecentralnews

Rune is the composition of a variety of artworks submitted by students into a magazine published toward the end of the school year.
“It showcases the talent we have around the school. It can be anything from poems, drawings or photography,” Courtney Myers (12) said.
Though many of the published works are intricate, the skill level of the student does not need to be highly advanced.
 “Anyone can do it. I’ve never been in an art class, but last year, I had a drawing in the magazine,” Myers said.
Before the magazine is published, students must review and compile the works into an orderly fashion, which takes around a month. Because of this, submissions must be turned in by March 9.
“We have submission boxes around the school, or you can just go to Mrs. [Maureen] Yaeger in V124,” Myers said.