Probability in projects


Mrs. Katelin Ellis’s, Science, sixth period Honors Biology class works silently on his or her lab projects. They were able to complete this lab within the 90 minute class period.

Brittney Howell

Mrs. Katelin Ellis’s, Science, sixth period class Honors Biology class participated in a science lab on Wednesday, Nov. 23. The lab enabled the students to broaden their knowledge of DNA and how using science and mathematics can determine ratios and probability of unknown genes. The assignment primarily focused on the idea of giving birth and the traits each person’s’ “child” will inherit.

“The lab is very interesting. We are able to determine how our bodies really have these children. You never really know what traits you’ll inherit, but this method helps us determine the probability,” Grace Bentkowski (9) said.

Some students kept their heads down, while others conversed with their partners and asked questions. The rapid sounds of coins hitting metal desks and pencils swiping across papers filled the entire room.

“It’s so quiet in here because everyone is very zoned in and focused on the lab. We are helping each other out and trying to accomplish the same lab, so it’s really not too challenging. My ‘child’ is coming along well,” Brianna Sambrooks (9) said.

Because these students are in Honors Biology, they are given different science projects than regular science classes. This means that the students are expected to receive work that gives he or she more of a challenge.

“I really don’t think this class is too much of a challenge. We are all working hard, and that’s all you need to do to pass the class. You don’t necessarily need to be super smart to be in here, you just need to be willing to put in the work our teacher assigns,” Ethan Myszak (9) said.