Tough loss for the young Indians


The freshman,Kyle Blum, shoots a mid-range jumper to end the second quarter of play against the Vikings on November 22. The other Indian players watched the shot to see what was going to happen before the buzzer rung.

Casey Lessentine, Author

The freshman boys basketball team fought hard against the Valparaiso Vikings, but it wasn’t enough for them to “pick up a W” on November 22.  The team suffered from a tough 21-35 loss, but they hope to bounce back from their first loss.

“I think that we need to work on cutting to the basket, hustling up and down the floor and playing as a team,” James Saggus (9) said.

Throughout the course of the game, the Vikings put more pressure on the Indians’ offense and defense than expected.

“We should have played a little bit harder. [The Vikings] outplayed us on defense, and they out-hustled us,” Mason Sanito (9) said.

The boys freshman team worked hard to take shots that they were used to, but it wasn’t enough to triumph over the Vikings.

“As a team, we should work on boxing out and defense. We had a lot of unforced turnovers that we could’ve been avoided. I was disappointed after the game, but we have to learn from our mistakes, and I know we will, and move on to the next game against Crown Point,” Nick Anderson (9) said.

Lake Central strives to get a win against Crown Point. The next game will be on Monday, Nov. 28.