Outstanding Offer


Mathew Matakovic (11) plays his own game. He wanted to show how the game runs and what the object is.

Faith Huenecke, Author

Being young for a game creator, Mathew Matakovic (11) has gotten a chance that not many young creators have had. Matakovic received an offer from a company willing to bring more viewers to the game he created.

“Miniclip contacted me via the email I left on the site. Miniclip found out about my game through iogames.space, a site which I advertise on,” Matakovic said.

Since the company wants to help Matakovic get more viewers, he will expect to have a large increase in the amount of users.

“They were willing to bring approximately 50,000 extra daily active users to my site,” Matakovic said.

Although Matakovic has taken all of the computer classes, he learned how to create the game by himself.

“The computer science classes that I’ve taken have helped peak my interest in developing games/software, but I learned everything I needed to make the game on my own,” Matakovic said.

Several of Matakovic’s peers in the computer science classes have been able to see his game.

“Mrs.Rita Chavez has shown other computer science students my work, and some have come up to me and talked to me about it,” Matakovic said.

Matakovic chose to make the game a way for people to compete with us all over the world.

“An online space shooter where you compete by shooting and bombing with other players from across the world,” Matakovic said.