A Spark in Chemistry


One of the different labs was the heating of copper (II) carbonate. The lab caused a reaction which created a green flame.

Viraj Patel, Author

On Monday, Jan. 23, Mrs. Katelyn Ellis, Science, honors chemistry class conducted a chemistry lab focusing on different type of chemical reactions. However, a substitute teacher helped the class while Mrs. Katelyn Ellis is on maternity leave. The lab consisted of many individual labs. The different labs dealt with different chemical compounds and chemical reactions. Each lab station was unique compared to the others.

“I particularly liked the heating copper II carbonate lab because at the end, the wooden stick [emitted] a green flame,” Benjamin Watta (10) said.

Each of the different labs required unique equipment and chemicals. One lab required Bunsen burners while others required hydrochloric acid.

“[The] uniqueness of each lab and [the equipment] required was interesting. All [of] the different labs incorporated the different chemical reactions are learning in class,” said Benjamin Watta (10).

Students conducted labs in pairs and would stay at a station for a few minutes. Once, everyone was done with their individual lab, every group would switch stations.

“I really liked the organization of [the lab]. I like the idea of different labs in one big lab. It makes [the lab] much more fun,” Michael Biancardi (10) said.