Practical parent night


Adam Gustas (12) and Hannah Souronis (12) talk with a parent about the opportunities that the Lake Central Theatre Company offers. Booths for multiple clubs and organizations were set up with students for parents to get information from.

Jessica Wojton, Author

Months before the incoming freshmen are scheduled to start high school, the parents of current eighth graders were given the opportunity to visit the school for information and tours.

The night promptly started at 6 p.m. on Monday Jan. 23 with a presentation from the principals at 6:15 p.m. Following the presentation, parents were invited to walk through Main Street where tables set up by Department Heads, students and faculty members were ready to talk and hand out information packets.

“I hope the parents left the tours not as nervous about their students getting around the school and were more informed on what classes their kids should take and what they will be doing throughout the day,” Alexa Szatkowski (12) said.

Along with the informational booths about the classes that are offered, a few tables were set up about organizations and clubs students can join. Lake Central Theatre Company was one extra curricular that was presented with a few students in theater talking about the opportunities they were given.

“The theater table was so fun. All of the parents were incredibly kind and excited, which made us excited. It was a weird feeling though because we were trying to encourage these kids to join our company, but since Me, Hannah [Souronis] (12) and Will [Kruzan] (12) are seniors, we’ll never meet them or get to work with them,” Adam Gustas (12) said.

Even though a student may not originally be interested in an activity or hobby, being exposed to it early on can help one discover something new and exciting.

“I feel that when you meet some people [in a particular club] and see how they are, it could really sway your decision on what to do in high school,” Gustas said.

After walking through of Main Street, parents were met with student volunteers offering tours of the building for those who are unfamiliar with the large size of the building. One particular volunteer took this chance to offer advice to the incoming students and parents on information and/or tips she wishes she was given as she was entering her high school career.

“I told the parents to make sure their students take their core classes such as fine arts credits and personal finance as early as they so they aren’t trying to cram those classes in senior year,” Szatkowski said.