Q&A: James McCarroll (10)


James McCarroll(10) skates and jumps over a 4 foot roadblock. McCarroll landed successfully on his board after attempting this risky jump.

Cherylynn Gholson

Q: How and when did you start skateboarding?

A: I started skateboarding in 2013. My mom had a friend that was going to move to California and compete in skateboarding competitions. He had an old board that he never used anymore and gave it to me. After that, I started practicing and I have been riding ever since.

Q: What makes you like to skate?

A: I like that skating is a challenge. It involves a lot of skill in foot-eye coordination and you can’t just master something right away.

Q: What about skateboarding is the most difficult or challenging?

A: That depends on your mental state. If you have a fear of jumping off stairs and rails, then street skating might be the most difficult. For me, the most difficult part is learning new tricks and figuring out the new ways to catch the board right.

Q: What kind of skills do you practice?

A: I like to practice my speed by dive bombing hills. I also like to practice my balance so that if I’m at a high speed I can do a trick and actually land on the board.

Q: How do you skate during the winter?

A: There are definitely indoor skateparks you can go to. That’s the best option because there isn’t much you can do in your garage.

Q: What are competitions like?

A: Competitions are very upbeat and fast-paced. You participate in different groups by age and skill level. Jam Sessions are just going and throwing as many tricks you can do in a set amount of time. There are skater vs skater groups or teams. There are a lot, but that is just a few.

Q: What are you going to work on and accomplish this year?

A: I want to try to add more flips and spins to my tricks. The biggest spin is a 360, and it’s not that big compared to what others have done.

Q:What are some things you can do to help accomplish your goal?

A: I can work on flipping the board harder by strengthening my ankles. For spins, that is just something you have to practice till you get it right.

Q: How has skateboarding impacted your life?

A: Originally, it was something to take the stress from school and the problems at home away, but then it evolved into something I wanted to really try at. I wanted to practice and put in the time to get good and compete.