A Senior spin on it


Abby Markowski (12), Madeline Andrews (11) and Paige Lambert (9) get ready to start their performance. Because LC hosted the competition, they were unable to compete with the other teams.

Olivia Oster, Author

On Saturday, Feb. 4, the dance team hosted the Lake Central Dance Invitational in the gymnasium. Aside from this huge event, the Centralettes used this day to celebrate their seniors.

“Saturday was special for me because I have been participating in the LCDI for 12 years, and with it being my senior night the whole day was kind of surreal, knowing it was my last one,” Alexa Szatkowski (12) said.

Everyone put in a lot of thought and hard work in order to make this day as special as they could for their seniors.

“For our senior night we got a huge poster with our face, baby picture and name on it and they set them up on the gym floor and we walked out with our families. They announced how long we’ve been dancing, how long we’ve been Centralettes and how many years we’ve been on varsity. They also said our favorite memories, which is all of our favorite parts,” Alyssa Carter (12) said.

As a senior, it seems that every event is a “last time.” Senior night for the Centralettes was very emotional for this reason.

“Each year of dance is special in its own way, but being a senior every practice and competition means so much more. You start to realize it’s your last year and you try to make the most of every moment you can good or bad because it’s mostly likely the last time,” Szatkowski said.