Black box entertainment


Ariana Kanaya (10), Emma Pederson (10), Isabella Gomez (12) and Olivia Lavoie acting their parts in a skit called Ghost Australian Brothers. Lavoie played a ghost that scared away multiple people interested in buying the house.

Sabina Solarczyk, Author

Meatloaf bake sales, ghost babysitters and matchmaking mailmen were all a part of the skits from the Advanced Theater’s skit comedy shows. Last year the advanced theatre class began performing an improvised comedy show and they made the best of it.

“We come up with little comedy skits and get a basic idea down. Then on shownight, we just improv it,” Olivia LaVoie (10) said.

The idea of performing an unscripted show can result in mixed emotions from the actors. While some may experience an exhilarating adrenaline rush, others begin to feel high-strung and develop performance anxiety.

“We all feel a little nervous before we go on, but after you get out there in front of an audience with good reactions, you feel a sense of accomplishment as an actor,” William Kruzan (12) said.

Though the skit shows brought stress upon the Advanced Theatre class, feelings of relief and satisfaction filled the black box theatre.

“We created these skits for the sketch comedy show by using improv and then further elaborating and adding details to the scenes. I think our group did well. We followed the rules of improv, got some good laughs, and had a great turn out,” Kruzan said.