Breakfast of Champions


Ms. Mary Axarides talks with a friend. Axarides works with the office at Lake Central.

Paityn Emro

Lake Central has a variety of classes to offer for students, one of them being gourmet cooking. The gourmet cooking class had a test-run breakfast to prepare themselves for the big brunch that they’ll be making for the staff in April.

“What’s best about doing this for our faculty is that we have the opportunity to do this class by allowing it to be a class and it teaches us good life skills for the future,” Makayla Van Vleet (11) said.

Many of the students in the class were very grateful for the opportunity to give back to the faculty by making them this breakfast. The faculty was also very thankful that the students to show off their skills and take time out of their day to make them breakfast.

“I wanted to learn hands-on cooking, and I’m looking to go to culinary school later on in the future,” Emily Gora (11) said.

A lot of the students taking this class are looking to go into some type of culinary arts after high school. Many of them already have scholarships to college for culinary purposes.