Dribbling determination


Zack Dobos (10) looks for a teammate to pass the ball to. Dobos was able to block the ball away from his opponent.

Faith Huenecke, Author

Although the Indians were down at the beginning of the game against McCutcheon High School on Feb. 24, they were still able to pull a 48-39 win.

“We got a couple of steals, and we made buckets off of that. When we start losing, we try a little bit harder to regain the score,” Joshua Graziano (10) said.

Wanting to win the game, the team had to focus point-by-point by working well as a team.

“I think the biggest aspect of us coming back and changing the momentum is not focusing on the score and focusing on what we are doing as a team, so I think what we are doing has a team helped us come back,” Isaac Beatty (10) said.

Winning this game was a big deal for the Indians because McCutcheon High School is a tough competitor.

“In the past we’ve been beaten by this team multiple times, and I remember last year [because] I played in the game we were down by 15 points with 5 minutes left in the game. Coming out with a win was really good to know,” Beatty said.

When the boys returned to the locker room at the end of the game, the coach praised them for the fight against their opponents.

“Our coach was really impressed with us, how we played, and when we got to the locker room when we finished up he [wanted] to compliment us on how we finished up the season and how we performed, since it was a pretty hard team,” Beatty said.