Prom Season


Junior Class Cabinet discusses and listens to Mrs. Moreno talk about the details of prom. There was a discussion of color schemes and themes.

Bailey Lewis, Author

With only two months left until prom, Junior Class Cabinet has been delving into preparing and planning for the big night. Every meeting is full of new ideas from the decorations, to the venue and to the food.

“The date [for prom] has been fixed. It’s May 6. The time frame is dictated pretty much the same as any dance. I think the doors open at 5:30 [p.m.] and it ends at 10 [p.m.]. We have our DJ and photographer booked. We’re working on favor choices. We’re putting together a committee for decorations,” Mrs. Lisa Moreno [science] said.

Junior Class Cabinet is making sure that every detail is covered and ready for prom night.

“Other than that, we just have some other minor things. We have the menu and those kind of things. For right now, the big thing for us is to budget,” Mrs. Moreno said.

One of the most discussed components of prom was ticket prices and when tickets will begin being sold.

“We’re going to be setting our ticket prices very soon because they will probably be selling Senior Banquet tickets first and then prom tickets will probably follow. I think prom tickets will go on sale either right before spring break or right after spring break. Mr. Tim Powers [assistant principal] is going to have to answer that for sure,” Mrs. Moreno said.