That’s my type


Katelyn Prince (11) watches her blood drip into the EldonStick. After the stick was filled, Prince stirred the blood on the card.

Cami Wallace, Author

Anatomy students of Mrs. Stephanie Parks, Science, took part in a blood typing lab on Feb. 28 and March 1.

“We do the blood typing lab because it’s a hands-on activity that students can do to understand that they are unique in the fact that they inherit their blood type from their parents. They can see their blood coagulate or not coagulate. It ties nicely into blood because then we lead into the circulatory system,” Mrs. Parks said.

Although some blood makes some students uneasy, others felt excited about the activity.

“I was interested in doing the lab because I’ve always been interested in the medical field, and I like the human body. Nothing freaked me out, but I helped two girls at my table because they didn’t want to prick their finger. Blood doesn’t freak me out, so I had no problem doing it,” Sydney Dinan (11) said.

Not all students were like Dinan, and they did not feel as comfortable with starting the lab.

“At first I was a little nervous because I was scared it was going to hurt to prick my finger. Then I was seeing everyone else and their faces seeming a little surprised, but then once it happened, it was OK. It didn’t hurt too bad,” Elexi Horvath (11) said.