A step in to a new school


Mrs. Andrea Leahy, Mathematics, reviews the ISTEP+ practice exams. Sophomores took the exam the week of Mar. 6.

Radosav Mihajlovic

The Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus, also known as the ISTEP+, is currently one of the hottest topics floating around the school. Teachers in the Math and English departments have been preparing themselves and their students to take the test. One teacher in specific, has adjusted to teaching at a public school and taking the ISTEP+ more seriously.

“All the sophomores have to take the ISTEP+ in the spring, but we don’t really have to prepare because they have already taken Algebra 1 and they had the majority of Geometry,” Mrs. Andrea Leahy, Mathematics, said.

Since this has been Leahy’s first year teaching at a public school and preparing for the ISTEP+, she has found it to be a challenge.

“It is different [working here] because I used to work at a private school and they did not take the test too seriously,” Mrs. Leahy said.

Mrs. Leahy and the entire Mathematics department have teamed up this year to make sure that the students successfully review Algebra.

“Since Algebra is in Geometry, we like to push that extra stuff because Algebra is the foundation of math. We have also tied in Algebra PTE videos to have the sophomores do. [We] always make sure that everyone always has their foundations down,” Leahy said.

Because the test is crucial for high school graduation, Leahy shared her insight on what are the most successful ways to pass the test.

“You should definitely take it seriously. It is not something to blow off. I would not look at these tests as easy. There are questions that are there to trick you. You have to make sure that you always use complete sentences. I would just make sure to get a good night’s sleep, bring some snacks, eat throughout the day and make sure you have energy,” Leahy said.