The Drawing of a Club


Students continue to work on their individual projects. After the painting had dried, they were able to scrape off their paintings and use them as window decals.

Ayah Eid, Author

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, students met in Mrs. Yager, Art teacher’s room for Art Club. Every month, students participate in creating simple projects that allow them to express their creativity.

“Ms. Yager has a new idea for us to do a short art project. We have one event every single time, and we do usually simple, lower-level things, so anyone who likes art can participate and have fun”, Caroline Chavez (11) said.

By working on these short projects, students are able to learn new things that may inspire them to take art classes or create things in class that their peers may not have been introduced to.

“Some kids are already in an art class and it just makes them do more interesting things in the classroom because I’ve taught them things that I haven’t taught in the classroom,”  Mrs. Yager said.

Students are able to participate in Art Club without the similar demands imposed on them from other extracurricular activities they are in.

“It’s a fun way to take a break from the craziness, sit with friends and come up with creative things. What I take from my participation in Art Club is just pure enjoyment. It’s a club that I do not have to worry about completing anything for, except for doing art, which I find a great stress-reliever,” Sydney Batinick (11) said.

Although the club is about art, members are able to take more than the lessons learned with them.

“I just want them to have fun and learn the different things they can do with the art supplies. I hope they can make some friendships and develop a love for art. I see some kids take art classes after they’ve done this,”  Mrs. Yager said.