Lake Central adventures into the woods


Members of the “Into the Woods” cast show their confusion of what the giant is saying. They did not want the giant to kill them, so they had to listen to what the giant had to say.

Camille Bereolos, Author

Lake Central Theatre Company stepped into the woods on Friday, March 10. This was Lake Central’s first time performing “Into the Woods” for an audience. The cast had an amazing time performing and rehearsing the show.

“My favorite part was just everyone formed a family with this show because it was such a small cast and crew.  Everyone came together and there was no drama. The whole process was a lot of fun,” Isabella Gomez (12) said.

Even though the cast and crew loved being involved with the show, there were some challenges.

“The hardest part was definitely my character. I had a hard time learning about her and figuring out who she was, but it definitely paid off in the end. At heart, we are very similar because we are both very driven,” Hope Johansen (11) said.

It might have been hard for the actors to relate to their characters, but for some of them it was an enjoyable challenge.

“I liked being able to play an annoying little brat because I usually play a sweet innocent little kid, so that was a cool twist for me to be able to do,” Gomez said.

“Into the Woods” tells more than just one story. It tells the backstory of four fairytale stories. It underlines hidden messages about life that are appropriate for all ages.

“I would definitely recommend that everyone comes to see this show because it is an awesome collection of fairy tales that will entertain all people. The amount of talent both onstage and off is astounding,” William Kruzan (12) said.