Review on “Into the Woods”


The cast comes together in song and dance on the Saturday show of “Into the Woods.” The show had two weeks of performances with five shows total. Photo by: Rachel Front (12)

Sabina Solarczyk, Author

“Into the Woods” is a musical that follows classic fairy tales and their falling out. Act One mainly consisted of all things happy and joyous, but after intermission things took a quick turn and revealed the “ever after.” I had the opportunity to see it opening night, and I was in awe with the talent that the Theatre Company had.

Throughout the entire show, I found myself mouthing the words to all my favorite songs from the show. So many cast members sounded eerily similar to the musical’s soundtrack. The amount of talent that the Theatre Company has is often overlooked, but their shows are definitely worth the time.

I can’t imagine all the effort put into this show. Everything from the props, the performance and to the music was terrific. The cast knew how to use the scenery and props around them. They used the whole stage and I thought that the forest scenery was phenomenal.

The theater company puts on a breathtaking show and everyone should go to see at least one of their shows in the span of their high school years. There are only a few more upcoming shows, so check the theater company’s social media for the dates and hours, and don’t forget to enjoy the show.