Dissecting for science


Lauren Davidson (11), Rebecca Ashby (11), Katie Arndt (12) and Ishika Prakash (11) pin their stingray to the tray. They removed the stingray’s heart first.

Katelyn Pass

On Thursday, March 16, AP Biology students dissected an animal of their choice to learn more about the anatomical structures of organisms. They were able to choose from a bullfrog, pig, rat, shark, snake, squid, stingray and turtle.

“My favorite part [of the lab] was getting to discover the intricate anatomical structures residing in the organism. Learning about and discovering these parts was really enthralling,” Ishika Prakash (11) said.

The purpose of the lab was for students to identify ten different organs in the animal’s body. Students worked in groups of three or four to dissect the animal of their choice.

“I learned about the locations of several different organs of the pig. I also learned how to properly dissect an animal,” Jaskiran Kaur (11) said.

Some students were queasy from the sight of the dissection, but others were intrigued and found the lab very fun and interesting. The lab provided a way for the students to learn visually.

“Overall, I loved the lab. I had some worry beforehand and I didn’t know if I would take part in the actual, physical dissection of the rattlesnake, but I found it interesting. The smell was rank, but working through it was worth it,” Kieran Newton (11) said.