WISE So Serious?

Amanda Bulf and lakecentralnews

Last year, a club was formed to make female students wise. Women in Science and Engineering was founded by Chelsey Banasiak (’11). Banasiak wanted to create a club where female students could practice science and engineering without competition. The club is sponsored by Mr. Kendall Smith, Science.

“It’s kind of weird [being the sponsor of WISE], considering I’m a guy,” said Smith.

There are not that many students in WISE. It only has four members this year, including the president.

“Megan Bereda (12) is our president; she organizes most of the meeting,” said Smith.

Although there is only one president, WISE encourages all of its members to practice leadership skills. Members learn to become independent and trust in their abilities.

“Science and engineering tends to be dominated by men. It’s hard to have women engineers. We wanted to counteract that so women won’t be threatened by men,” said Smith.

The club’s purpose is to help women in their future careers in science- women, like men, should feel confident in their scientific accomplishments.

“I do believe in [WISE]. It is a good idea, and it’s a great way to have a support system,” said Smith.