A Helping Hand


Madison Sarkey (11) talks to one of the homeless people she met. Sarkey and friends handed out goods to them around Chicago. Photo by Bianca Alessia (12).

Dana Brownewell, Author

Lending a helping hand can be done in many ways, and for Madison Sarkey (11), it means handing out basic necessities to homeless people around Chicago. Taking a step towards a better life is a difficult situation to be in, so being able to receive help is something many people value.

“I think it was my freshman year when I started giving out supplies. I started this because it’s the right thing to do. These people live in horrible conditions, [and] they deserve a helping hand,” Sarkey said.

Not only has Sarkey done this alone, but she has made it a point to encourage others to get involved. She has reached out to fellow  students to hand out supplies such as water, sandwiches, baby wipes and other necessities.

“I post about it on social media calling out for any volunteers or donations. I need to save up money and find a date that works well for all the people who want to volunteer. After LCTV made that video about me lots of people asked if they could come next time, so hopefully the next one will be even more successful than the last,” Sarkey said.

Anyone who is interested in donating towards this cause is more than welcome to, Sarkey is determined to gain a bigger group than her last trip. This is a great example of ways to get involved in our community and make a difference.