Pulling apart the pigs


Mrs. Stephanie Parks, Science, helps her Anatomy student, Makayla Erickson (12) dissect the pig. The lab took place in Room C324.

Radosav Mihajlovic

On Friday, May 5, the Honors Anatomy and Physiology class conducted a pig dissection lab. The lab was conducted by Mrs. Stephanie Parks, Science.

“We choose to dissect the pigs because their digestive system is very similar to ours, so I am hoping that they can successfully locate all of the digestive organs and be able to give me the function of them,” Parks said.

The lab has been in preparation since the beginning of this school year, but the students have only spent a little bit of time focusing on it.

“Well, we studied the digestive system in about three weeks, but this [lab] was in the plan since the beginning of the year.Iit’s included in my syllabus,” Parks said.

Although students should participate in the lab, Parks did not require that they all do.

“I do not require that every student touches the pig, but there is a test on this so I strongly recommend that if they are squeamish about touching, then they can observe,” Parks said.

A student, Lindsey Rademacher (12), was not able to touch the pig because of reasons of her own.

“I am not allowed to touch the pig [because of religion]. I am Seventh Day Adventist. We do not eat pig, that is why I cannot touch the pig. They also say not to touch pig at all,” Rademacher said.