An Artistic Outlet

Samantha Yadron and lakecentralnews

Opening their minds to new kinds of art, the students involved in Art Club have been taking field trips to the major art institutions in the big city.

“For our field trips, we either go to the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Art Institute in Chicago,” Bryan Hoyt (12) said.

These trips expose the students to the two major genres of art: traditional and contemporary. Students are able to develop there opinion about which they like best.

“This year, we went on a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I like traditional art more because contemporary art seems too simple. Traditional art is more complicated,” Hoyt said.

Some students lean the other way.

“I like contemporary art because there are more perspectives. Not everything is traditional,” Samantha Gross (10) said.

The students switch off every other year. It gives those that are enthusiastic about art the opportunity to learn about different perspectives and artistic styles.

“We went on a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art in December,” Gross said.

However, the Art Club members also do fun activities inside the walls of LC.

“At the last meeting, we painted tiles. We have done a chair one year. This year, we have done a tile and we have also done an ornament,” Hoyt said.

The true purpose of Art Club is to give an outlet for artistic people to create art with students that share the same interests.

“I guess I just wanted to get active with art. I like to draw. It is just something that I have always liked to do,” Hoyt said.