Remembering the Legends

Kylie Thomsen, Author

On Wednesday, May 17, the choir held their spring concert. The concert was themed “Legends” and it featured legends of music like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

“The concert went very well. There were very few blips or technical errors. I think everyone got where they needed to be on time so I would say overall logistically it went well,” George Gundelach (11) said.

The group called Da Capo sang “Surfer Girl” by The Beach Boys and “Vogue” by Madonna. “Vogue” featured a dance number which Joshua Dejarlais (11) and Aaron Cappello (11) choreographed.

“[My favorite moment was] the applause after ‘Vogue’ because it got a really good reception. It was a lot of fun performing for an electric crowd,” Dejarlais said.

There were many soloists featured during the concert. Amy Denton (11) was featured on the song “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” and a mashup song of “Bye Bye Bye” by ‘N Sync and “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

“On the night of the concert I started to get a little bit nervous about my solos because I have never done a solo at a concert, let alone two. However, my friends and I were all supportive of each other and that helped,” Amy Denton (11) said.