Exploring the outdoors


Dr. Dustin Verpooten, Science, leads his second hour class to a pond outside. The lab took place near the cross country course.

Jessica Cook, Author

Dr. Dustin Verpooten, Science, took his AP Biology classes outside to identify different types of trees and protists in pond water. The lab was conducted on May 15 and May 16.

“We went outside by the cross country course and took leaves off of two trees and tried to identify the trees using their leaves. I also had to get a water sample from a pond to see if we could find any protists in it,” Madison O’Drobinak (11) said.

This was the only outdoor lab the AP Biology students conducted this year. The environmental change was much needed by some students.

“I really enjoyed going outside because I was actually more interested in the lab since we were going somewhere completely new. The weather was beautiful that day and it was a good lab to end the year with,” O’Drobinak said.

Besides admiring the warm weather that day, some students enjoyed aspects of the lab that were challenging yet fun.

“My favorite part was reaching into the pond to collect a sample of the water. It was really tricky at first and I was scared about falling in. Once I got the sample, I didn’t think it was that bad and actually fun,” O’Drobinak said.