Preparing for College


Seniors listen to Bereda as she advises them to log on to Naviance. Students were given an hour and a half to fill out applications, begin essays, and ask questions.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

Guidance hosted a college boot camp, which would help prepare students for applying for college and writing their essays.

“The college bootcamp is essential for all seniors to attend. It provides them with knowledge that is needed to apply for college applications,” Alexis Munoz (12) said.

Mrs. Sherry Bereda ,Guidance, conducted the meeting with a powerpoint. Bereda began by discussing teacher recommendations. Teacher recommendations show colleges students’ character and work ethic.

“For teacher recommendations, a student should give teachers a 2-3 week deadline. Teachers have many priorities and giving them enough time to write will result in a well-written teacher recommendation,” Bereda, Guidance Secretary, said.

Guidance counselors discussed having a professional social media platform.  Colleges review students’ social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc) and look for vulgar language, inappropriate content or any form of bullying.

“Someone may think their post is deleted, but everything you post on the Internet is permanent.  In the news a couple weeks ago, a student received a full ride to college, but an inappropriate screenshot of his message was posted on Twitter. The college then declined his scholarship and admittance,” Melissa Rettig, Director of Guidance, said.

For the Class of 2018, college is quickly approaching.  The deadline for college is typically in the fall. Most colleges require SAT and ACT scores, teacher recommendations and Grade Point Average. A helpful tool to help prepare for college is Naviance. Naviance displays a student’s academic information and evaluates what college is best for a student.