Let’s Make it Happen


The students listen intently to the speakers’ information. The clubs next meeting is next Tuesday, October 10.

Claire Faberbock, Copy Editor

Thousands of men, women and children are homeless or in need of food and water. Some of these people could live in this  town or even go to this school.  Students have banned together to create Interact Club to give attention and help to these people in need.

“The main goal of Interact Club is to have a group of people that can really get in touch with their community, help people who need it and figure out what needs to be done. That’s kinda what we do. We plan out things to help the community or individuals even and we make them happen as a group,” Alexander Tarnowski (11) said.

The students organize activities, fundraisers and anything else that will help support people who are in need. Providing these services can evoke the feelings of gratitude and honor to the students who participate.

“It just feels really empowering to be able to connect with your community and help people who need it,” Tarnowski said.

The activities that the students participate in benefit people in the community and people in this school.

“This is all community service so we are trying to help our community and help our school community by having the food drive, selling roses for Valentine’s Day, raising money for children at our school who need it and doing ‘pennies for polio’. We are just trying to help the community and anybody that is having a hard time,” Katarina Nikolovski (10) said.

All students are encouraged to help out their community in every way they can.  Something as small as donating money to a small organization can change someone’s world.