Helping out with positives and negatives


Amanda Guerrero (12) sits in a chair while she donates blood. About 110 people signed up to donate.

Amber Murray

On Friday, Oct. 13, Lake Central held their annual American Red Cross blood drive in the fieldhouse. The event lasted all day and 110 people donated their blood for a good cause.

“[Giving blood] makes me feel really great. The fact that someone needs my blood and can use this makes me feel really good,” Claire Faberbock (10) said.

Some people who didn’t give blood helped out by volunteering to help the event run smoothly.

“I like helping people but I don’t know how to so volunteering for the blood drive is a good opportunity and it feels good,” Hannah Gross (12) said.

Many students had different reasons to give blood but all wanted to help out the community,

“[What made me want to give blood was] after all the disasters that have been happening recently I figured there was a lot that needed it and that prompted me to do it,” Faberbock said.