Honoring the past, preserving the future.


Members salute during the National Anthem. The assembly was hosted by History Club for the third consecutive year.

Danica Mileusnic, Author

After months of preparation, the History Club’s Veteran’s Day ceremony has arrived. With over 175 veterans in attendance, this year has been the largest Veteran’s Day ceremony since the beginning of the ceremonial tradition in 2015.

“The gym and the whole thing was just fabulous. It is wonderful to see all of the different things students can do. It is very impressive. I think [young kids can learn] just to never give up. It’s been a motto of mine,” Joe Kernan said.

The History Club has been organizing the Veterans Day assembly for the last three consecutive years. It is held in the school gym and embraced by the student body.

“I hope it keeps growing over the years. I hope I can come back next year because this is my last year. I hope I can come back next year and see it be even better than last year,” Alexis Nikolovski (12) said.

Keynote speakers included Master Sergeant Alan Thomas Jr. and Joe Kernan with a POW/MIA tribute ceremony performed by Marty Dzieglowicz and Rose Ann Dzieglowicz. The ceremony was accompanied by performances by the band and concert choir as well as introductory speeches by the officers of the history club.

“Young people need to celebrate Veteran’s Day because they have to understand that the freedoms that we have in this country didn’t just manifest themselves yesterday. It is something we fought for over a course of time. Honoring the people who fought for those goals is really important,” Master Sergeant Alan Thomas Jr. said.