Commencing towards college


Taylor Gibson (12) updates her Naviance account after being accepted into Indiana University and Michigan State University. Counselors advised seniors to use Naviance throughout their application process.

Melicah Rodriguez, Author

As college applications are being submitted, seniors throughout the school eagerly wait for their acceptance letters.

“After sending in my application, I was overjoyed because the application stress was over. I was excited to get my acceptances and finally get a hint of the ‘ready for college’ experience,” Ishika Prakash (12) said.

Apart from the application process, seniors had to make sure they reached their necessary deadlines.

“There is so much to fill out and there’s a lot of pressure,” Joseph Robustelli (12) said.

Once applications are done and over with, however, the only thing seniors have to do is wait in agony or excitement until acceptance letters arrive.

“So far I have gotten into Arizona State, and it was exciting to get accepted to my first school, but I knew that I was for sure going to get in. I’m still waiting to hear back from the other schools,” Rachel Eder (12) said.

Seniors who have already received their acceptance letters can take a much needed break for the meantime until they are ready to go to college.

“After getting accepted into Marquette University. I was very excited and relieved. Now that I’m accepted, I’m looking forward to commit to a school and start a new life at college,” Kiersten Hess (12) said.