Let’s Talk Turkey Day


The Turkey is the most commonly used symbol for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of the month of November.

Michelle Testa, Author

Thanksgiving, the only day of the year it is acceptable to eat your body weight in food. While many people start hanging up Christmas decorations the second Halloween is over, we cannot forget to show some love to Thanksgiving.

The day is notorious for spending time with family, conversing, eating, laughing and did I mention eating? Some families have traditions of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or cooking dinner as a family. No matter how you celebrate, it seems to be a lot of people’s favorite day.

Personally, I don’t eat breakfast on Thanksgiving so that I can stuff my face at dinner. It’s all about maximizing the space available for food consumption.

Besides food, it is a day to be with family or those that you love. Take time to reflect on things that you are thankful for. Enjoy the day of relaxation, we all deserve it.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the spread of food. Once the day is over, we all have to wait another 365 days until we can enjoy it again.