Frantic for finals


Kelani Benson (12) studies her anatomy book while eating lunch. Students have gone to the library during lunches to study for finals.

Melicah Rodriguez, Author

Although students tend to stress themselves out in the hectic environment of finals week, there is more to remember than just studying.

“I know finals is a really stressful time for a lot people. It’s important to know that even though finals are really important for your grade, it’s also important to get enough sleep and drink enough water,” Kelani Benson (12) said.

The lack of sleep that students acclimate to may become detrimental to not only their grades, but their mental and physical health as well.

“Make sure to take breaks and not wait until the day before the test because that will make you frustrated and lose your mind,” Om Rajput (9) said.

Prepping a week or two before finals can provide a head start for students with a busy schedule.

“If you’re going to study the week before, split up the work across a couple days so you don’t cram everything in one or two days,” Rajput said.

In order to prevent procrastination, several students set goals and may even get together with their peers to study.

“I know my friends and I do study groups to go over the material in certain classes that we have together. It reduces stress and it’s really effective for everyone in the group,” Benson said.

Small reminders to take breaks can make a big difference in the long run. Remembering to prioritize time and workload will allow for more efficient studying habits.

“By combining the two elements of study habits and self-care, I feel like you’ll see the best results in both yourself and in your grade,” Benson said.