Lincoln up in History Club


Sneha Shatish (12) and Ayanna Manyweather (12) listened to announcements. They were informed of upcoming events in history club.

Mia Martinez, Social Media Editor

On Dec. 1, History Club gathered to learn a bit about Abraham Lincoln. A power point was shown about well-known sixteenth president from Springfield, Ill.

“Today was really interesting. I didn’t know that much about Abraham Lincoln. I was surprised that he had so many failures and how negative his life was because we like to think of him as one of our greater presidents,” Alyssa Arreola (11) said.

Although Lincoln went through a lot of negative experiences throughout his life, peering more into the upcoming events of history club.

“We’re starting Pennies for Polio next year. We will be selling bracelets and continue working on [Mr. Tom] Clark’s [Social Studies] Museum,” Sneha Shathish (12) said.

Shathish isn’t new to history club, but one of her friends has joined for the first time this year. Ayanna Manyweather (12) was unfortunately unable to join with her friends last year. But Manyweather can now spend more time enjoying something she is interested in along with friends.

“I really like it, it’s nice to feel involved especially with the veteran ceremony and I always going over fun facts and certain parts of history is really cool. At first I was curious because my friends were in it last year so I always wondered what was going on in here but I never had the opportunity to stay after school, but this year, because I am driving now I have a reason to be in it and enjoy it with my friends. We have a good time,” Manyweather said.