Choir gets into the Christmas spirit


The Junior Treble Choir perform “Jingle Bell Rock,” “We Are Lights” and “We Need a Little Christmas.” The Junior Treble Choir performed after the Da Capo’s second performance.

Gabriella Shumylo, Author

On Thursday, Dec. 7, all of the Lake Central choirs came together to sing a variety of Christmas songs in the auditorium.

The Handbells opened the program with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” engaging the crowd immediately. Right after the Senior Treble Choir took people’s breath away with “A Welsh Noel”, “Nanita Lullaby” and “Believe.” Following the Senior Treble Choir, the other choirs such as the Counterpoints, Varsity Choir and the Trebleaires kept the attention of all with their renditions of Christmas songs. Da Capo performed “Elvis Christmas” and “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

“Da Capo is very fun and the performances are always energetic. Everybody [in Da Capo] wants to be there, which makes it easier to have a good time. The audience always has a great reaction when we perform. [“12 Days of Christmas”] was one of my favorite pieces to learn and perform. We kept the ad libs fresh every time, which made it a blast to perform. I think it was a  lot of people’s favorite to watch and perform,” Joshua Dejarlais (12) said.

The piece the Da Capo performed “Twelve Days of Christmas” was a favorite for many. Throughout the show, the choir kept the audience enthusiastic with every song.

“The performances went very well. My favorite song that I wasn’t in was the Da Capo piece “Twelve Days of Christmas.” My favorite piece that I was in was in was “Angels Medley.” The audience was enthusiastic and responsive. Overall, it was a success,” Samantha Bredar (12) said.

The show finished off with a performance from the Concert Choir with the songs “For Unto Us a Child Is Born,” “Christmas Is … “ and “Angels Melody.”