Q&A with Mrs. Lauryn Vukas, Science


Mrs. Lauryn Vukas, Science, shows her full roster of players from this past season. Her roster landed her a runner-up finish.

Ricardo Paz, Author

Q: A little known fact about you is you’re a fantasy football fan. What is fantasy football?

A: Fantasy football is where you put together a football team of offensive players from any team in the NFL. You play in a league, I was in a 10 person league this year, and you have to draft your players to make the best possible team. In our league we had one quarterback, three wide receivers, two running backs, one tight end, one flex player, one kicker, and one defense. Throughout the season you manage your team, and can pick up players that have not been drafted, or make trades with others in your league.


Q: What got you into fantasy football, and what has kept you hooked on it?

A:  My husband has played fantasy football since he was in college and when he was playing I used to hear him talk about how he wanted certain players to do well and he was always checking his scores and it seemed fun. I’ve always been a huge football [fan], so fantasy football gave me specific players and games to watch. I think what keeps me hooked is the excitement of not knowing how the players will do and whether it is great or terrible. It is also fun to watch football and actually be cheering for certain teams or players, it makes the games a lot more exciting, rather than just watching.


Q: How did you do on this past fantasy season?

A: I got second place in my league. I missed first place by about 20 points in the last game.


Q: What is your favorite thing about fantasy football?

A: My favorite thing about fantasy football is getting together with friends to do the draft, and having a reason to keep in touch with the friendly rivalry. This year our league was mostly couples so it was fun to play against my husband and challenge each other on those weekends. We also have a lot of friends from college we play against. It’s a good excuse to get together at the end of August and draft our players and then to keep in touch throughout the season about our match-ups and who is beating who.


Q: If you could persuade someone to play, what would be the reason?

A: When I tell people to play fantasy football, I always tell them to play with friends. I am not so into it that I would join a random league because the best part about it is playing against people you know. Also, if you’re going to spend the majority of the day on Sunday watching football anyway, which I did before I played fantasy football, you might as well have something to look forward to.