Stressful scheduling


Students can look at the 2018-2019 course selection guide for assistance when choosing their classes. Guidance passes are sent by the counselors for meetings with the current junior class.

Karisa Candreva, Author

With all students now having open access to scheduling on Skyward, the idea of choosing classes is looming in the front of everyone’s minds. We’re lucky to have so many class choices available to us, but the shear volume of decision making that is needed is pretty stressful.

High school is a time for independence and self-reliance. Among the many scenarios throughout our four years these traits are needed, scheduling classes may be the most important. It may not seem that one semester of sophomore year is make or break, and it’s not, but how we choose to spend our time in high school ultimately comes down to the classes we pick.

For juniors, this time is especially overwhelming. Awaiting the guidance slip for your meeting can either mean one of two things. One: you finally get to schedule the classes you have known you were going to take since freshman year for your last year of high school or two: you literally have no idea what you want to do with your life, let alone senior year.

Personally, I have always stressed out about scheduling and picking classes that are right for me. It has always worked best for me to schedule a ‘fun’ class or an easier class amid my harder classes; this way I could have a class I looked forward to and one with an lighter workload. Remember to pick classes that excite you and while still being ambitious, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many difficult classes. If you don’t know what classes would be best for you, talk to the guidance counselors and ask upperclassmen that may have taken those courses. Scheduling closes on Wednesday, Feb. 28 for all grade levels.

While course selection guides and sheets, diploma guidelines and class requirements need to be heavily considered, what really matters is the classes that spark an interest and the classes that you want to emerge yourself in and learn from.